Etomite - Day two

After a couple of looks at my Etomite installation, I still like it.

One very interesting thing I discovered is Etomite's 'Edit Pages' function. Enter that area of the control panel, and you see a folder display of everything on your server. That's right, not just the Etomite files, but every file on your entire server. Using Etomite, I can view all the files in my Drupal, Joomla and other folders. Not only that, but you can edit most of them online. There's a built-in "safety" feature that prevents you from editing a few key types of files, including anything named "index.php". But it is very cool to be able to use this feature of Etomite as an online code editor for almost everything else on your server.

Etomite is a very capable CMS script. When you add a new page, you specify how and where you want it to appear in the sitewide menu. The menu administration is great. It is presented as a hierarchical list in outline format. To move items around, you simply click-and-drag them to the new location. Very slick.

Etomite is NOT a blog script. I haven't noticed any blogging feature. It is designed to be a content management system for static pages. At that, it excels. If you plan to include a blog on your Web site, you would be better off choosing a CMS that includes blogging as part of the core code, Drupal, WordPress or FlatPress, for example.

Etomite requires that PHP and MySQL exist on the server you install it on.